Ford Mach-E – Mustang inspired electric SUV

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When I got the first news that Ford was going to make a Mustang inspired electric SUV, I was shocked, and chuckled a bit. That’s crazy, or something along those lines, was my thought. However, as time went on, it all became very real. Ford is doing it, and they might do it well. Now, the car is officially revealed which means that it is time to go everything you need to know about the new Ford Mach-E.

Square rear arches, bulging hood and the rear lights. It sure does look like a Mustang, sort of. People have been absolutely bashing Ford for taking inspiration from that classic pony car, but as I see it. They have taken just the right details. Regarding size and shape, the Mach-E looks awfully similar to the Tesla Model Y. Although, in the right model, specifically the one with the grabber blue paint and dark black fake grille, the Mach-E gets my vote. The styling is sophisticated enough to be taken seriously while still using the sportiness taken from the Mustang.

Thankfully, with this car. The interior has got a major overhaul. A completely new SYNC infotainment system will be available and accessed through a humongous, 15,5 inches, middle screen that literally sits on top of the center console. Dials and buttons have been integrated into the screen, which is something I have never seen, but I like it!

There is actually a lot to talk about the interior. It is made for 5 fully sized people to sit comfortably, and the use of a big horizontal line to break up the interior is as evident as in Tesla´s cars. In many ways, this fights with the Tesla Model Y because of both looks, performance and price.

B & O delivers the sound system which has been a staple in every new Ford car. Happily enough, the company has delivered good sound and the same should be for the Mach-E. A panoramic sun roof covers the entire roof and the gear selector now sits just under the armrest. This has opened up a lot of space for storage and the area where you can wirelessly load your phone is now extended to be easily accessible. All this really opens up the cabin if my interpretation from the photos are correct.

You also have a front trunk, or a frunk as people call it, big enough to fit a middle sized suitcase or a bigger training bag (100 L). Another interesting detail is that you can use your phone as the key which means that you never have to think about pressing any button to open and start the car. Ford says that if the battery in the phone dies, you can write in a security code in the side of the car to get in. Thus making it seem that there won´t be any ordinary key available.

Depending on the model, First edition, Select, Premium, California RT.1 edition and GT, where the GT is the most powerful. You can get the car in both rear wheel drive, which is utterly crazy when you think about it, and four wheel drive. MagneRide, available in sport cars, will also be fitted in the Mach-E to hopefully give this SUV some good driving characteristics. From the GT-model there is 456 hp and 830 Nm on tap which gets the car from 0-100 km/h in under 5 seconds. Plans of a GT-Performance edition with a 0-100 km/h in the mid 3 is also in the works.

Two different battery options will be available. Standard range with 75,5 kwh and Extended range with 98,8 kwh, where the latter with the new tougher WLTP driving cycle gives up to 600 km of range. Ford is proud about their battery pack and the different technologies they have employed. They even wrote that the battery has been tested at minus 40 degrees Celsius. If the batteries keep their performance is still unknown. Since the majority of people charges their car at home, Ford created a special charging box to have at home which increases the charging output by five times compared to a wall outlet. This should give a charging rate of 50 km per hour.

Forc has teamed up with IONITY which will build 400 charging stations in Europe with up to 150 kw of charging pace. This will charge the Standard battery range from 10-80 percent in 45 minutes. If that is supported with the included type 2 charging cable is also to be seen. Further, Ford works together with NewMotion to access even more charging stations. The company is set to extend the amount of stations to 125 000 public ones in over 21 countries.

It is difficult not to get excited about this car, and with a base price of 39 623 euro (422 895 SEK) in the Select model and 54 163 euro (578 082 SEK) for the First edition and GT models, the Mach-E has a very attractive price compared to the Model Y.

The car is set to be launched in 2020 and if people wake up from the fact that it is not a Mustang SUV and the fact that the specifications compete with the best of competitors, the Mach-E could become a very big success.   

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