Lamborghini to create another track monster – It´s got a v12

The car has been developed by the team Squadra Corse. Those who build Lamborghini racecars. It is safe to say that this will be one crazy machine.

The car is of course powered by a naturally aspirated v12 with. Pause. 830 hp! Lamborghini says that this will be the first hypercar from Squadra Corse, and I think I believe them.

The car has a carbon fibre monocoque with aluminium chassi components. Nothing new. However, the car, it has no name yet, has a steel rollcage for maximum rigidity and stiffness. It will have a 6-speed Xtrac transmission. I did some research, and the company is from Britain and creates race-spec transmissions. Safe to say that the gear shifts will be fast. One other thing to note about the transmission is that it is built to be a part of the chassi by for example having suspension components being connected directly to the transmission, thus also reducing weight.

A new and very technical differential will be used to give the driver maximum adjustability.

As with every track car. This one will be treated with a rear wing, roof mounted airscoop and racing hood with two air intakes.

There are a lot of details left, but as the car will debut in 2020. There wont be long until people will come running with their checkbooks.  

Check the video from Lamborghini down below to get even more hyped.

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