Czinger 21C – Weird name, but don´t let that fool you

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The number of new and upcoming super cars that eventually never actually become more than a quick stir on the internet is shocking. My initial reaction when seeing the Czinger 21C pop up in my Instagram feed was therefore rather mild. However, looking into the numbers of this new US based company simply melts your mind.

Set to debut at the Geneva motor show (a lot of new models seem to be released there this year), there are already quite some specs to dwell in, so let’s go right ahead.  Starting with the name, 21st century. Tacky, but ok. The car itself is designed, built and everything in between in Los Angeles.

The car will have a hybrid powertrain with a total output of 1233 hp, giving a 0-100 km/h in a face bending 1.9 seconds. From the pictures it seems that the entire body is made out of carbon fibre, and the seating position is fighter jet inspired. Meaning one seat in the middle and another one just behind. Oh, and don’t get me started on that massive rear wing and Tron like rear.

The video also shows us some sort of carbon ceramic brake system as well as a 6 or possibly a high revving 8 cylinder engine.

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