Skoda is not giving its costumers their cars, because it can´t

As the new Skoda Scala is making its way to the customers, there is a problem. Skoda can´t give the cars to the customers. At least in Sweden. It gets even more problematic, the customers does not know what is happening.

How did I get this information? Funnily enough, through my parents, which were looking for a new car and found themselves upon the new Scala. The car should have been with them over a month ago, but the delivery date never happened, and no one at Skoda told them anything, until one slip up.

Apparently. Biscaya, known for its rough weather, has been awfully stormy which has forced many cargo ships to seek safety in the nearest port. The boat the Skoda should (I will tell you why I wrote should very soon) have been on, did not reach Sweden, but the city of Cuxhaven, which may be the last location of the car. The risk of more than just one affected customer is very high since car manufacturers does not transport just one car in a ship.

Why I wrote so vaguely about where the car is now is because apparently, the tracking and logistics system for where the cars should be going went down. Were cars should be going, when and on which boats, all down. Hopefully Skoda has got it under control, but it seems that a series of very unfortunate events have given Skoda a major headache, which in the end affects the customers.

When my parents will get the car is still unknown, and being stuck in some port with freezing temperatures, strong winds and waves (contains salt), there is a question regarding if the car can be considered new.   

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