2020 Skoda Octavia revealed – Huge amounts of options and big dimensions

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VAG is having a busy year. The Skoda brand has taken leaps and gotten big influences from Volkswagen. Heck, the base plate is even the same. The Octavia is one of the bigger models in Skoda’s segment. However, with new models such as the rather brilliant Scala, a review will be on that shortly, the Octavia was in need of an update.

From the start, the new generation Octavia looks like a big brother to the Scala. LEDs as standard looks very Audi, in a good way, while the grille makes it unmistakably Skoda. Rather unique is the rear part which looks like it has an integrated lip spoiler, which together with the convex shape gives the silhouette a very nice profile. For the sake of standardization, the Octavia has got Skoda name written instead of a plaque.  The car is also more aerodynamic, having a drag coefficient of 0,24 for the sedan and 0,26 for the kombi.

What I personally like the most is actually the interior. The designers has done a quality effort in differentiating themselves from the other brands in VAGs lineup. This is thanks to the floating middle screen, with the biggest one measuring ten inches, and a step away from sharp edges. The steering wheel has got more functions to move some of the controls from the touch screen and increase usability. What can be controlled with the steering wheel is however still unknown. A fun detail is the intricate door handles which sticks out from the door rather than being flush, giving them an impression of floating if you look at them in the right angle.

The Octavia is available with a big variety of engine options, while also introducing the eTEC branding for the hybrid models. Three different petrol options, all with different power levels, sizes and cylinders. The most powerful turns out 190 hp, but if you want more power, the RS model is just around the corner. The two smaller, 1.0 and 1.5 L, engine options will come available as mild hybrids, giving a power of 110 and 150 hp respectively. It seems that the power levels haven´t got any bump in power, giving reason to believe that the petrol engines will have less power than the pure petrol counterparts. Three diesel options will be available which have reduced their emissions of NOx by up to 80 percent. There is also a plug-in hybrid with 204 hp available.

There is of course a whole load of safety features available. An updated lane assist, turn assist, collision assist and a whole lot of other tech can be found in the new Octavia.

Prices are yet to be announced. A qualified guess would be just under 20 thousand euros or approximately 210 thousand SEK.

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