New Honda Jazz – Honda offers a softer design with hybrid technology

  • Honda Jazz Crosstar Front Wheel Detail
    Honda Jazz Crosstar Front Wheel Detail
  • Honda Jazz Interior View
    Honda Jazz Interior View
  • Honda Jazz and Honda Jazz Crosstar Exterior
    Honda Jazz and Honda Jazz Crosstar Exterior
  • Honda Jazz Exterior
    Honda Jazz Exterior

Not only does Honda has a serious case of throwback Thursday. Something big is going on. From the e-Prototype to the new Jazz. There seems to be a belief of old school design with modern technology is the way forward. I am not complaining. I reviewed the old Jazz, and even though being a solid and thoroughly approachable car. The exterior was a bit too brash for the functional and user friendly and modest underneath. The new Jazz seems to have changed that, so lets get down and dirty with the new Honda Jazz.

I will continue where I started. The looks. Looking at the lineup of Honda models, the new Jazz breaks the mold. From the CR-V to the civic Type-R. The DNA was clearly there. Not so much with the new Jazz. As I read on Hondas website. The new Jazz shows a “clean design philosophy that will define future Honda models”. My conclusion was not that far off after all.

The biggest design change is not just the complete change in design philosophy, but also how Honda has been able to reduce the size of the A-pillar. This greatly helps forward visibility and in the end, safety. For the more active people. A Crosstar variant with higher ride height, different front, water resistant upholstery and roof rack will be available.

The Jazz will only come as a hybrid. How it will be packaged and the specs of it all is not revealed yet. A qualified guess will be a small 3 cylinder engine and an electric motor with a combined output of just over 100 hp, and as the car is focused towards city driving. It might have a bigger battery to be able to use the electric engine more.

The interior is a mix of cost effective materials and new tech. It is a clear step up with a fully digital gauge cluster and WiFi-connectivity, and I also quite like the steering wheel. Honda speaks about big improvements in the seats to reduce fatigue during long journeys.

There has also been improvements in safety systems. Better pedestrian detection during low light conditions, adaptive cruise control and lane assist. Instead of using a radar, the new Jazz uses a high definition camera for greater detection of surroundings.

No price has been revealed yet, but as the car is set come to the markets in the mid-2020, there is plenty of time left.

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