Breaking – First picture plus power numbers for new Golf GTI and R revealed

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With the launch of the GTI still being more than a month away, Instagrammer Wilco Blok, famous for spying on test mules on and around the Nurburgring, has been able to get a snapshot of the rear of the GTI.

The picture shows what Volkswagen is famous for, subtle styling cues. A blacked out, swooping rear wing, seemingly bigger than the one on the mk7, sits flushed with the rear. Two seemingly non-fake exhausts sit at each side of the lower rear as well as a rather big diffusor. The chrome is nowhere to be seen.

However, this is not the only new piece of information gained from the GTI. Internal documents from VW, published by Instagrammer CocheSpias, shows the entire sportier lineup. GTI, GTI TCR and the R. Power for the GTI will be 180 kw, or 240 hp. The GTI TCR gets 221 kw, or 296 hp. This proves that there will be a entry level GTI and a more focused GTI. The same with the mk7 with the GTI TCR which ended the mk7.s reign. The news have not stopped yet however, because the power numbers for the R have also been revealed. With 245 kw, 323 hp, it is the most powerful R model yet. All of the above models seem to be based on the same 2 cylinder engine.

If you look closely, it is possible to see how the models look from the front. A pointier and more open lowered part gives a certainly more aggressive and forward look.

Are these power numbers what you expected?

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