Lamborghini Sian – Still a v12, and the most powerful Lamborghini to date

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When pictures of a green Lamborghini surfaced the internet, people thought that the successor to the Aventador was here. However, that was not the case. Only 63 of this model will be made, and with a price tag of 3.5 million euros. As always. They have already sold out. But that doesn’t matter! Because I am going to tell you what is worth knowing about the Lamborghini Sian.

I hinted about the power, and with a mild hybrid system. Yes, even Lamborghini has it now. The total power output is an astonishing 819 hp. The hybrid system is not the biggest where the electric engine puts out 34 hp, but it helps with acceleration to edge out the ludicrous SVJ. The reason Lamborghini went for the electric combination is rather likely because of emissions. Especially in during start up procedures.

4 wheel drive is there to put the power to the ground. The entire monocoque is carbon fiber to keep the weight down. In order to increase agility, rear wheel steering has been implemented.

However, all of the above pale in comparison to what I am going to mention now. The engine bay needs to be cool. In order to keep it that way, Lamborghini has used flaps with materials that expand with increased temperatures. In other words. Autonomous materials and cooling. Being an engineering student myself, this is the technology that I believe will be the next thing in the automotive world.

The Sian is a geeky tech fest. Styling inspiration taken from the Countach, but the taillights is a bit to much Ferrari F8 Tributo in my opinion.

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