Ford Puma price revealed – Aggressive pricing and huge potential

The first electrified Ford in Sweden, and one of the first hybrids intended for the mass market. 2020 will be a big year for Ford. The Puma is now available for the public, and will be delivered in March, 2020. Interestingly enough, Ford predicts that in 2022, the electrified cars will outsell both petrol and diesel cars combined. In total, seven mild-hybrid models will be sold in Sweden, and by counting, you can quickly conclude that there will be some news in the near future. Here is the list of new Ford hybrid cars that we know of as of now. Explorer, Kuga, Puma and Mondeo. That leaves three. It should be obvious that the Focus will get a hybrid treatment, and maybe the Fiesta. That leaves either the Mustang, which there has been massive rumors about, or the Transit.

Ford writes that there will be two hybrids sold in 2020. The Mondeo and the new Kuga. However, as the Puma will come to customers in March, next year, I am sure that it is a simple spelling error, but the Kuga was announced early 2019, which means that it could very possibly be launched in 2020, giving us three different models to choose from Ford.

Back to the Puma. Initially, there will be one hybrid and one petrol version available. Further, as Ford´s diesel models are diminishing, there probably won´t be any diesel Puma.

Surprise surprise, the petrol version will have the name ST-Line, and will have 125 hp. The hybrid version, named ST-Line X, has 155 hp. Surprisingly, the price difference between the two I rather small. 235 900 Sek for the ST-Line, and 251 900 for the ST-Line X. Usually, the price jump for a hybrid version of a certain model is around 100 000, but I think that Ford is being cheeky with the price and may have given the petrol Puma a premium to make it seem that the Hybrid is more approachable. Anyway, more engine options will follow closer to the middle of 2020.

The Puma has gotten a seriously attractive price, and as I will review it very soon, you will see if Ford has created a quality approachable hybrid. 

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