Ferrari Roma – La Nuova Dolce Vita

  • Ferrari Roma
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Ferrari is busy. Their model lineup as big as a buffet with models such as the 488 Pista and GTC4 Lusso showing the polar opposites in what you can get from Ferrari. However, as the California ending its production, the need for a true GT car is as evident as ever. Luckily, the new Ferrari Roma is here to steal the show.

Being one of the simpler looking cars from Ferrari in a long time, it would be easy to think that the car Roma looks boring. That is simply not the case. Simple is beautiful with this car. Utterly classic proportions with lines giving flashbacks to the 60s. It is somewhat of a sin that the rear has to be so, much. The thin rear lights and the big cut throughout the rear trunk is too much. I might like it more in real life, but on the pictures. That rear is an eyesore. Shame since the rest of the car is so elegant.

Finally, the interior has been revamped. Symmetrically designed around both the driver and the passenger. Ferrari has tried to involve the passenger in the act of driving and has also slimmed the interior with the big center console that extends between the two seats. The passenger gets their own screen to play around with, choosing the music, using the satnav and selecting the temperature, since the middle screen now points toward the sky.

The engine is a twin turbocharged v8 with 620 hp, reached at 7500 rpm and, and 760 Nm. The transmission is taken from the SF90 Stradale. All of this gives the Roma a 0-100 km/h in 3,4 seconds and a top speed of over 320 km/h. The tire dimensions measures 245 in the front and 285 in the rear. Cerb weight is 1570 kg and can be reduced even further if you choose some lightweight extra options when speccing the car.

The car is supposed to be 2+ coupe which hints that it could, when the stars aligns, seat an extra person in the rear. Price and release date has not been revealed yet, but being a GT car with over 600 hp should make it around 200 000 euros or 2 million sek.   

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