Tesla Cybertruck – The true future looking vehicle

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Memes were made and people dropped their jaws, for a good reason. This truck is utterly bonkers and something the world has never seen on the streets. But what would you expect? It is Tesla after all.

The obvious thing is of course the outside. But step aside that and look at what the Cybetruck actually offers. Is it worth looking into or is it another marketing stunt from Tesla?

One very unique part of the Cybertruck is the body panels, or should I say chassis? The steel looking exterior is actually something called ULTRA-HARD 30X COLD-ROLLED STAINLESS STEEL. As I am a soon to be engineer in solid mechanics, that is not how you classify your materials, so it actually doesn’t give you any more information other than the cold-rolled bit, which is how you go from metal powder to solid metal. Nerdy part over. As I wrote before. The body panels that you can touch are also the chassis part, or in other words, exoskeleton, which is supposed to increase the passenger safety. It seems that the Cybertruck is built for the dystopian future. Oh and don’t forget. The truck has Tesla armored glass which broke from a measly thrown spherical ball. The glass actually did its job which is to not let the bad stuff get inside. But the risk of breaking from a slam with an elbow or a not so careful opened door. Seems that there are some kinks to get out.

Inside, it has a very rugged look. Almost like being inside a military vehicle.

There are three power options to choose from. Single motor rear wheel drive with a 0-100 km/h in under 6,5 seconds (that is very fast for a truck), a towing capacity of over 3400 kg and over 400 km of range. The next step up is the dual motor all-wheel drive. a 0-100 km/h in under 4,5 seconds, a towing capacity of over 4500 kg and over 640 km of range. Those pulling numbers with that acceleration is, very impressive. However, the big daddy, the tri-motor Cybertuck. With a 0-100 km/h in under 2,9 seconds, it shames most supercars. The towing capacity of over 6350 kg, which is more than, let´s say the 3.5L EcoBoost Twin-Turbo V6 which has just under 6000 kg of towing capacity (class leading). Range is over 800 km.

The specs are as crazy as the exterior. And the exterior is the most ground breaking, however you want interpret it, in the 2000s. No price has been revealed yet. But for 100 euros or 1000 sek you can preorder the car, or for 6600 euro you can “buy it”, meaning that for the price that it has now, which I guess you don’t know unless you pay that sum of money.

That is a success is fact since over 200 000 units have already been preordered within 48 hours.

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