Ferrari F8 Tributo – The best from Maranello just got better

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The replacement to the 488 GTB and the entry level mid-engine sports car from Ferrari. In reality, a mid-cycle refresh where a lot of focus has been laid upon the exterior. 

Ok, Ferrari knows how to do a beautiful red car that goes fast. And with active aerodynamic and a twin turbo v8 pushing 720 hp. It seems more than close with the Mclaren 720s. The rear spoiler is fully active and can lie flushed with the body when you need to go really fast. Further aerodynamics such as front and side air intakes exist and are all there to glue the car to the road.

I will stick my neck out and say that Ferrari really stole the Geneva show with the F8 Tributo. Every single dimension, crease and edge is just right. It looks wholeheartedly aggressive while still keeping the simple and vary wavy look that was introduced with the 458 Italia.

The interior is not that different compared to other Ferraris. Mostly the Berlinetta’s. It is all in all very simple where almost everything driver oriented is mounted on the steering wheel. The passenger has to make due with a digital rev and speed gauge. I have to say that the colored details and stitching throughout the interior is exactly what gives this car its unique look, apart from all of the Alcantara and carbon fiber.

A lot of technology has been taken from the 488 Pista which is logical, because the Pista is one hell of a car. Based on this I expect that the F8 will be a masterpiece.

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