Volkswagen ID.4 – The continuation of Volkswagens electrification

  • The new Volkswagen ID.4
  • The new Volkswagen ID.4

As the ID.3 is soon to reach the customers, Volkswagen is planning to increase the electric ID model range with the new ID.4, an electric, smaller, SUV.

The important thing with this car is the range, which is claimed to be up to 500 km, depending on which package you choose. It seems that there will be different battery and power options to choose from. Interestingly enough, the car will be rear wheel drive, since electric engines do not have the same restrictions regarding location as combustion engines have. An all-wheel drive version will come in the future.

Unfortunately, there has not been any specific details released regarding the ID.4. No price, no weight, and no dimension. However, the car has the same base platform as the ID.3, which is considered a small car.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is planned to start selling in 2021.

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