Tesla Model S and X Plaid – What supercar is for dinner?

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The S has been around for almost a decade, and have received major updates which have made it faster and faster, and the Plaid is Tesla’s latest incarnation of a fast sedan.

From the outside, it might be hard to tell that anything has changed. The avid fan might notice some extra lines and creases in the lower part of the front, marginally wider body and wheelbase, but that is more or less it. Would I call it sporty? Not quite, but it looks miles better than the non Plaid Model S.

The inside has received a Knight rider esque steering wheel (a round will also be available), meaning very square and the top part missing. The center screen is now a massive 17 inches, mounted horizontally instead of vertical. The rear passengers are also pampered with an 8 inch screen. Some other not as noticeable updates are heated seats both front and back, while the ventilated seats are reserved for the front. The sound system has also seen a big revamp. A total of 22 speakers and active noise cancelling, which has become somewhat of a standard, will hopefully give you a concert worthy listening experience.

But why did you actually read this article? The numbers of course! There is the regular plaid and the plaid +, and the specs are as follows.

Model S Plaid:

  • 0-100 km/h – 2,1 seconds
  • Power – 1020 hp
  • Range – 628 km
  • Price – 128 000 euros

Model S Plaid+:

  • 0-100 km/h – Under 2,1 seconds
  • Power – Over 1100 hp
  • Range – 840 km
  • Price – 150 00 euros

This is no joke. The range is also starting to reach IC power cars. Take into consideration Tesla´s ever increasing charging network, and the notion of owning a Tesla might not sound that bad. To beat literally everything from the lights is just a massive bonus.  

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