BMW M5 CS – The hardcode M5 we didn´t knew we needed

  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • P90411317_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411318_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411312_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411314_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • BMW M5 CS
    BMW M5 CS
  • P90411275_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-sc
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  • P90411229_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-sc
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  • P90411338_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411331_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411328_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411334_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411335_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411327_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01
  • P90411323_highRes_the-new-bmw-m5-cs-01

Not too long ago, we were treated with the jaw dropping M2 CS. Captivating the hearts of car nuts and reviewers, it is truly something special. How does the CS badge end up on a quick but relatively heavy big sedan? To trump the Merc E 63 S? To make the CS the M plus brand? Who knows? It is here and from the look of it, it is every BMW fans wet dream. The ultimate autobahn missile that can crush most supercars.

The headlining details are:

  • 4,4 liter V8 with 635 hp
  • 70 kilograms lighter
  • 0-100 km/h in 3,0 seconds
  • Specific chassis modifications
  • M8 Gran Coupé damper components
  • M xDrive four wheel drive
  • Carbon ceramic brakes with six piston in the front, and four piston in the rear, brake calipers
  • Carbon fiber front and rear seats
  • Carbon fiber exterior details
    • Hood
    • Front splitter
    • Mirror caps
    • Rear lip spoiler
    • Engine cover
    • Intake
  • Laser headlights
  • CS sport exhaust system

The M5 has gotten the full CS treatment both inside and out. There are too many details to mention in one simple news update, but I truly believe this is the literal definition of what a big and capable sedan from Germany is. Too bad it doesn’t come as an estate. The price for this glorious machine? 180 thousand euros in Sweden. Available in the spring of 2021.

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