Gordon Murray T50s Niki Lauda – 700 hp and 852 hp track monster

  • 86-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-dashboard
  • 87-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-seat
  • 88-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-fan
  • 91-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-aero-details
  • 92-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-aero
  • 93-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-headlights-wheel
  • 95-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-rear-end
  • 96-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-nose
  • 97-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-static-rear
  • 98-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-static-side
  • 99-gordon-murray-t50s-niki-lauda-official-reveal-static-front

Gordon Murray automotive is working overtime lately. The newly launched T50 went against the grain of modern supercars with its slim and simple design and lightweight approach. The T50s takes the T50 and turns everything to eleven. Specifically designed for the track, and in honor of the newly deceased Niki Lauda, it is a true masterpiece.

  • 852 kg (128 kg less than the T50) – How did they remove all that weight?
    • 20.7 kg has been reduced from the engine alone, which can no rev to 12100 rpm.
    • 6 kg from the gearbox.
    • Thinner body material.
    • No air conditioning or sound deadening.
  • 700 hp, and 725 hp at higher speeds thank to greater air velocity into the engine.
  • Up to 1500 kg of downforce much thanks to the rear mounted fan that affects the boundary layer instead of literally sucking the car to the ground, as the original fan car did.
  • T50s has been designed in parallel with the T50, but with major technical upgrades:
    • Different monocoque
    • Different engine
    • New paddle-shift gearbox
  • Specifically designed exhaust.
  •  Will be offered with tools, jacks, fuel fillers and set-up instructions.
  • Only 25 will be made.
  • Cost = 3.6 million Euro.

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