New entry level Supra – Less powerful, lighter and more agile, has the Supra become the GT86?

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Yes, I am as shocked as you are. The Supra is still as fresh in the memory and Supra fan boys have finally calmed down a bit. Just in time for Toyota to release a new bomb. A 2.0 liter, BMW derived, lightweight Supra.

This gives further reason that the GT86 is very close to be renewed, and with sources saying that the new GT86 will have around 250 hp (most probably the same engine as the 2.0 L Supra has) it will sit just under the entry level and the full fledge Supra. How Toyota will do with the pricing is a whole other story. The GT86 might even be discontinued, but let´s pray that that won´t happen.

It might seem that loosing 2 cylinders and one whole liter might make the Supra boring, but the car has lost 100 kg, and more importantly, gets 50:50 weight distribution. 0-100 km/h is done in 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 248 km/h. Still very potent. No changes in exterior and interior has been made.

I am impressed by Toyotas move. A cheaper, arguably a more driver focused car and still impressive performance numbers. A move to reach a broader market is smart, but why not release the new GT86? Toyota might have shot themselves in the foot. Like Ford did with the Mustang ecoboost. It does not sell in Sweden. Nevertheless, I believe that Toyota know their hardcore enthusiasts and the 2.0 L Supra will hit a sweet spot. 

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