Breaking – Its official, Ferrari to make an SUV for 2020, taking up the competition against the DBX and Urus

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    Camouflaged Urus
  • Aston Martin5th / 6th November 2018Photo: Drew Gibson
    Camouflaged DBX

It was just a matter of time. With the Lamborghini Urus selling like ice cream during a hot summer day, the competitor, Ferrari has kept quiet. Well luckily, studying in Italy has its benefits and I have got information from sources that Ferrari is following the SUV trend.

Since the Urus makes 650 hp and the Aston martin DBX makes 542, Ferrari should be around the same, and since emission restrictions are in full swing, it is very likely that it will be a twin turbocharged v8. Maybe the engine from the Portofino? Since the engine exists in the GTC4 Lusso T, it seems that the engine has high modification possibilities. Around 630 hp wouldn´t be that far-fetched. 4 wheel drive is very much into the question.

Information has been as quiet as when Ford developed the GT in 2005. How the car will look like is still unknown, but I can tell that the interior is near completion, which means that it should at least be shown to the public’s eye in 2020.   

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