Renault E-Tech – Renault follows the electrification craze with hybrid versions of the new Clio and Captur

The cars will be available for the public to touch as much as they want during the 2020 Brussels auto show.

Renault talks about full hybrid and full plug in hybrid, which is intended for all to experience. In other words, cheaper hybrids that people can afford.

The new Clio E-Tech will have 140 hp, whereas the Captur E-Tech plug-in will have 160. Plenty of power for these smaller vehicles. Further down the line, a Megane E-Tech will also be available. The E-Tech name is the model name for Renault´s future cars with some sort of electrification.

Technology attained from F1, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance and the Zoe is the foundation and Renault plans that by 2022, there will be 8 fully electric models and 12 models with electrification.

The Clio E-Tech will have a 1.2 kw battery, with 230 V technology, whereas the Captur E-Tech will have a much bigger, 9.8 kw battery, with 400 V technology. What 230 and 400 V means for you as a user is faster charging times. The E-Tech 160 hp system is the most versatile one, with a pure electrical range of 50 km, at a maximal speed of 135 km/h. That´s impressive.

There won´t be any bigger noticeable changes in appearance, except for E-Tech badging, blue accents and other minor updates in the interior.  

It seems that Renault is taking a big step towards electrification. With the Zoe, being the only vehicle from Renault with some form of electrification, there has been an obvious lack of hybrid models. These new E-Tech models are here to change that and with bigger power numbers than we normally see with hybrids vehicle, it will be interesting to see the how the consumption numbers go together with performance and price. Speaking of price, it has not been announced yet, but will probably be during the Brussel auto show.

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