BMW M8 Gran Coupe – Perfect proportions, fast pace

  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
  • Fabian Kirchbauer Photography
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People were afraid, and angry. The BMW concept 4 showed a grille big enough to use for grilling meat for an entire family. Of course it created a lot of discussions. Did it actually look good and is this the way BMW is moving forward?

In a way, BMW showed the way with the Concept 4. Because it looked great, and if you compare it to the new M8 GC, you are witnessing a concept car being turned into a real car.

Let´s start with the most obvious, it looks drop dead gorgeous. Made to compete with the new and sleeker German sport luxury cars Mercedes AMG GT 4 door and Audi RS7, the GC gained 200 mm of wheelbase to accommodate for the extra pair of doors. This means that, if you are brave enough, you can fit up to three people in the rear, but it is of course made for only two. It is a luxury car after all.

BMW says that it has been developed in the same process, whatever that means, as the M8 GTE endurance race car. The racing DNA should therefore be as present as ever. And with BMWs most powerful engine ever, a twin turbocharged V8 with 625 hp, it is by no means slow. 0-100 km/h is done in 3,2 seconds and a sport exhaust with electronic valves comes as standard. You get 4 wheel drive but can also select 2 wheel drive when you want to be a hoonigan.

What you really should know is this. The M8 GC is rather different compared to the “regular” M8.

A fixed price doesn’t exist yet. But it should be set to around 151 261 euro. The car is set to be officially debuted at the LA auto show in November, and be available for the public in April 2020. The choice of choosing a fast, fun and sleek 4 door car has gotten a lot more difficult.

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