Abarth 695 70th Anniversario – Unmistakably cool, but is it unmistakably updated?

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Not many people know about the Abarth brand. Before, a separate car brand which also built tuning kits for Fiat cars. Now, owned by Fiat, and use their expertise to create the Fiat 500 into a rocket ship. Well, the last sentence might have been an overstatement. With the base 595 giving 140 hp, and the top of the line 595 competizione having 180 hp, they have some catching up to do in the power department. However, outright power has never been an Abarths sole purpose. It is all about that Italian flare and emotion, and with the 695 70th Anniversario, Abarth is set to maybe give the 500 a fitting goodbye. After all, the Abarth is over 10 years, starting its production in 2008.

What do you get when a car tuning company celebrates 70 years with a special car? If you haven’t already seen it, the talking point is the manually adjustable wing. With 12 different settings and at the maximum “peacock” mode you get 42 kilos of downforce at 200 km/h. Big brakes from Brembo, a new bodykit, which at the rear looks to have some real diffuser downforce, and new 17 inch rims are just some of the new upgrades. The military green paint, actually Monza 1958 green, with checkered pattern on the roof are all extra goodies to show that this is one unique Abarth.

Unfortunately there won´t be any power increase, but a nice Monza exhaust is there to fill your ears with the sound of a 1.4 L turbocharged engine.

How special and different compared to the likes of the 595 Competizione is to be seen. Hopefully it will be enough for Abarth to dare put their 70th anniversary sticker on it instead of being just another way of using limited runs to sell units. It looks nice though, and with a price of 33 028 euros it can be yours.

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