Hennessey F5 – The fastest car in the world?

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The people that has not heard about Hennessey performance are probably people that haven’t lived in America. A famous tuner, car builder and all around bad ass. Hennessey knows how to make cars fast, have done so for decades. Now, the goal is set with the Hennessey F5 and to give everyone a hint of what the car is made of. The company released a video to show the “Fury”. Yes that is the name of the engine.

Let´s get right to it. This monster delivers 1817 bhp. That is more than any Koenigsegg or Bugatti. Nothing comes close, nothing. Revving to 8000 rpm, it sounds ungodly, and still has 1617 Nm at the top. The key to all this power is, well many things actually. 3D printed custom turbos with titanium housings feed air to a 6,6 L LS based, very famous engine from Chevrolet v8. Off course, everything is custom, and highly engineered.

Being even smaller than Koenigsegg, Hennessey created the Venom that actually held the world speed record, albeit not that long, which shows that it is not just all talk. At least the power is there, now there is only the rest of the car. See the video from Hennesey to hear Fury in full action.

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