Koenigsegg Regera 0-400-0 record – Top speed record in sight?

  • ladda ned

On an airstrip outside Linköping, Sweden, the Regera was put through its paces. And the results, as always with Koenigsegg, were spectacular.

The reason this test became an internet sensation was not just the world record. There is so much more at stake than acceleration. The reason is Bugatti, which just a couple of weeks ago became the fastest production car in the world, and with the Jesko coming soon the goal is obviously set.

Well, what did actually happened and what car made it possible?

If you read the title you know the result, but for you who didn’t, the 0-400-0 km/h record was smashed by over 2 seconds with a time of 31.49 s. The car used, the Regera, used a one gear transmission. Piloted by the company´s test driver Sonny Persson had to swerve to avoid bumps on the now abandoned airfield and Christian Von Koenigsegg is confident that the Regera can accelerate to 400 km/h in under 2000 meters. In other words, unworldly acceleration.

Even though the car is supposed to be a tamer model compared to the likes of Agera or Agera RS, the Regera was made for outright acceleration, and the range of 0-400 km/h was the perfect speeds for the Regera. As Christian says, “no more, no less”.

Koenigsegg has once again raised the bar for outright performance, and if you watch their video showing the actual run, and wait long enough, you are treated with a few seconds where the test driver says “hold my beer”. The comment is obviously made to show that Koenigsegg is gunning for the world speed record, and if I know this company right, that will most likely be surpassed in a rather brisk manner.

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