The hottest Yaris ever – Teased

After reviewing the Yaris GRMN, I knew that Toyota was on to something. However, the GRMN was in reality just a concept that few buyers could buy. Fittingly, Toyota is showing this teaser of the Yaris GR-4 rally car, but the name of the video suggest that it has more to do with the Yaris GR. Will the road car looks as spicy as the rally GR-4? Unfortunately, the reveal of the car has been delayed because of huge fires in Australia which have destroyed acres of land, where the car would have been revealed during the rally Australia, but this video gives some hope that the car will be revealed in the near future.

Rumors has it that the GR-4 will be all wheel drive and pack a turbocharged, three cylinder engine. Some very deep burbles when the car starts up in the video and an all-wheel drive launch seems to prove the all-wheel drive rumor.

Toyota says that multiple performance variants of the new Yaris are under development. Thinking in the ways of Ford Focus ST and RS or Audi S3 and RS3, but all in the tightly packaged Yaris. If the new GR model, or models, gets even close to the power of the GRMN, it will be a true pocket rocket.

The reveal will probably happen sometime in December.

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