New Jaguar F-Type – Trying to do the impossible

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When Jeremy Clarkson gave the old F-Type standing ovations, you know that Jaguar was on to something. Going back to the roots of old jag sport cars with long hoods, big engines and jaw dropping design created a very unique car, which in the midst of the war over Toyota and BMW fanboys has gotten a bit forgotten. Jaguar has created some special editions such as the SVR, but it was time for the F-Type to get a refresh, and Jaguar does it in the same manner as they did with the old E-Type. Taking what makes the F-Type so good and changing it just enough. So what is changed then? Continue reading to find out.

The eyes goes straight for the updated headlights, which for me looks stunning. Thinner and lower down in the front does more to the look of the car than it sounds. The result is that the front looks to go out longer, creating that illusion of an infinite bonnet. The front has also gotten some black accent at the side air intakes, which doesn’t seem to have increased in size. Some serious creases goes along the bonnet, and you can also find two deep air intakes. Depending on the model, the exhaust will change. From a single quadrilateral tip for the 4 banger, to the two at each side for the V8 powered model. The lower part has been filled out and houses some body colored diffuser lookalike. The biggest change is in the front and as I stated before. The changes are less than you would expect to, but they give the F-Type a completely new, more focused look.  

Changes to the inside are less, which is surprising since the new F-Type interior doesn’t get left behind compared to its competitors. Tells how well the old F-Type was. A digital screen replaces the analog instrument cluster. Is it enough to call it new though? I am not sure…

 Sorry Europe, the famous supercharge V6 is not available here. Seems like Jaguar misses out on a major market, which don’t want the puny 4 banger, but don’t have the money for the V8. Speaking of which, the V8, 5.0 L and supercharged, will be available in two different power options. 450 hp and 580 Nm, and if you get the F-Type R, 575 hp and 700 Nm. Further, the R version gets four wheel drive, rear wheel drive for the other versions, bigger rims, grippier and wider tires (Pirelli P zero), and a whole upgrade on the chassis department. The upgrade consists of stiffer springs, adaptive dampers, new antiroll-bars and improved ball joints. The transmission gets recalibrated to shift faster. My heart is longing for an SVR-version.

Price starts at 63 390 Euro, or 669 081 Sek, giving reason to think that that’s the price for the 4 banger. The BMW Z4 m40i costs around the same, and you get 6 cylinders and 340 hp. Maybe you should not compare apples with oranges, but when it comes to pure stats, the F-Type has some real competition. If there is one thing it wins wholeheartedly at, at least for me, it is the exterior.

What will happen in the future when the real new F-Type, this new F-Type is in reality just a refresh, is actually quite interesting. Mid-engined and other news flourish the F-Type, and I am all for what will happen in the future.

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