Fourth generation Toyota Yaris – Too sporty for its own good?

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A staple in Toyotas lineup, the Yaris is the perfect get arounder. But as always, with time comes change. And it is now time to roll out the carpet for the new fourth generation Yaris.

As with many car models, they get bigger over time. The Volkswagen Polo, which I reviewed not too long ago is a perfect example of that. The same goes with the Yaris, which got completely new underpinnings. Basically, underneath, it is an H-CR or a Corolla.

What has the new platform done for the dimensions? It has actually decreased in size by 5 mm (huge I know) while the wheelbase has increased by 50 mm. On top of that it is 50 mm wider and 40 mm lower. All that speaks for better interior space and driving characteristics. A lower seating position means that you still have some headspace. How that will translate into how easy it will be to get in and out of the car we will have to wait and see.

With Toyota working hard on their hybrid system, it is no wonder that the Yaris will have it. Actually, the third generation is already available as a hybrid, and it has sold well. For the fourth generation it is supposed to get an updated version of the same system as in the third generation. 1.0 and 1.5 L pure petrol alternatives will also be available.

The interior also gets an overhaul with a massive 10 inch display. The temperature dials look awfully similar to the ones from Hyundai’s newer models.

A clearly sportier path for the new Yaris shows that Toyota is focusing more on a younger generation. A step in the right direction according to me. But the important bits are those underneath, and those updates have been plenty.  

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