BMW X6 – One of the most discussed cars has gotten an update

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When BMW launched the X6 around 10 years ago, it not only created some buzz, it ripped a hole in the car world. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear did a review of the car and it was around 10 minutes of him absolutely slashing at the car. Something trying to be a sedan and an off-road vehicle can’t be good. The consumer thought otherwise and over 400 thousand examples have been sold, and now it is time for the third generation.

The proportions has increased. The X6 is both wider and longer, but the ride height has been lowered. BMW speaks about a lower center of gravity and thus better handling performance. The biggest change is the longer wheelbase which has increased by 42 mm. It might now sound a lot but together with all the other size changes, the car will certainly feel a lot bigger in real life.

The two kidneys in the front are as expected, huge, and can be closed to decrease the drag. In reality, everything in the front is huge with massive, bulging fake inlets which gives the front a very angular and flat look. The rear is also packed with creases and crevices.

The X6 focuses on luxury, and one look at the interior confirms that. Tested, improved and refined throughout the years. Much can be seen in the new 1-series, which is a testament on how good BMWs interior is, but for a car with a starting price of just over 70 thousand euros, there should be something more than better quality materials and more gadgets. However, while I am on the subject. There are some major cool tech on the new X6. A big panoramic sunroof, ionization of the air to give a better air quality and the possibility to cool down or heat up your preferred drink in the cup holder.

While still being sporty, BMW says that the X6 will still be able to go off road. 4 wheel drive in the shape of xDrive comes as standard and if you choose the xOffroad package you will a differential lock, meaning better grip when the going gets tough. There is also a possibility to get air suspension and reinforced skid plates underneath. How off road capable the car will be is to see however.

As of now, there are 4 engines, where the most fun one is the one in the M50i. V8 with twin turbos, 530 hp and 750 Nm. That is crazy numbers. They could have taken the power plant from the m5 with even more power. I mean, if you want to fast, why not go as fast as possible. The v8 will get you from 0-100 in 4.3 seconds. Quick, but in the age of taxing the fast the car will average 10.4-10.7 L/100 km. This model will set you back just under 100 thousand euros.

The obvious big seller is the xDrive 30d with a respecting 265 hp and 620 Nm. Average fuel consumption is 6.1-6.6 L/100 km and this model will set you back 70 thousand euros.

The X6 will be showed to the world at the Frankfurt auto salon and be available to the public in November this year.

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