Entry level Porsche Taycan – Continuing the success of the Taycan

Proof is in the numbers. Every second Porsche sold in Sweden has some sort of electric power plant. Either fully electric, or hybrid. A Porsche is an exclusive brand, but it would be nice to get a Taycan that costs under a hundred grand. Meet the Porsche Taycan. Rear wheel drive, two choises of batteries and two different engine outputs. A simpler and less powerful Taycan, but most probably the one that will sell the most.

This Taycan is also the first out to have a number of software updates. The new Plug and charge function allows you to pay without the need for a card or an app. When the charging cable is plugged in, it contacts the Taycan which then starts the charging and performs the payment. Porsche has also taken measures against unwanted activity with the use of an encrypted data connection. Although, to be able to use this feature, the charging station must off course be Plug and charge compatible.

 Another feature is subscription based options. Functions on demand allows you to use power steering plus, active lane keeping assist, Porsche intelligent range manager and Porsche innodrive (another word for active cruise control) like you use Netflix.

The standard battery size is 79,2 kWh, and gives a range of 431 km. Performance battery plus gives 93,4 kWh and 484 km of range. Charging speed is also dependent on which battery choose. Standard equals 225 kW and the performance battery increases it to 270 kW.

The power is also battery dependent. 326 and 380 hp respectively. Although, with overboost and launch control, those numbers are increased to 476 and 476 hp. 0-100 km/h is a rather surprising 5,4 seconds. Not sluggish, and quick for a car over 2 tons, but almost 500 hp, massive traction off the line and not under 5 seconds? Where is the electric car dominance?

LEDs, Taycan special 19-inch rims, 10,9 inch infotainment screen and black brake calipers are some of the standard options. If you want to go full environmental friendly, there is the option to have the upholstery done completely without leather, with the majority of the interior done with recycled materials.  

This Taycan will land on Swedish shores in the middle of March in 2021, and will start from 98 thousand euros.

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