Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm – A legendary name for the most hardcore and focused Alfa Romeo to date

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A new supercar from Alfa Romeo will be released this spring, perfectly timed with Romeos 110th birthday. GTA is a name that Alfa doesn’t put lightly. Dripping with history, it is a combination of letters dedicated to the very few cars that get the GTA treatment. This car is built specifically for the enthusiasts, and will hopefully show the German opposition who´s boss.

To call it a supercar might seem like the logical choice. However, the GTA is based on the Giulia Quadrafoglio, meaning that if you strip away the striking exterior, you are left with a sleek and elegant sedan. Instead, let´s call it a hyper sedan.

Obviously, the exterior has gotten major changes. Focus has been on reducing weight, improve handling and increase downforce. Close collaboration with the Formula 1 team Sauber has created what Alfa calls the Sauber aero kit. Carbon fiber side skirts and a rear diffusor is there to push the GTA to the ground. The GTAm has even more aerodynamic upgrades such as a huge rear spoiler and an active front splitter.

The titanium Akrapovič exhaust system is integrated with the rear diffusor. Further, the exhaust exists are not found as you would expect, at the sides. That would be too simple. They are now found in the center of the diffusor. Other upgrades include 20 inch center lock wheels and an increased track width of 50 mm, with the help of carbon fiber. Some less noticeable changes are new springs, shock absorbers and bushings.

Engineers have left no rock unturned. Even the engine has been touched and now produces 540 hp. Combine this with the fact that the GTA is up to 100 kg lighter than the Quadrafoglio, gives the GTA a 0-100 pace of 3.6 seconds. Though, it should be noted that straight line performance is not the ultimate goal for this car. More carbon fiber have been used for the drive shaft, hood, roof, front bumper, front wheel arches, rear wheel arch inserts and sport seats. I would dare to say that a third of the car is made from carbon fiber. Go one step further with the GTAm, and the rear seats are removed in favor of a roll cage, 6 point harness and race helmet. Alfa has gone so far that the door handles are made out of a belt, and racing proven Lexan has replaced the side and rear glass.

As I wrote about earlier. Even the interior has had some major changes. Alcantara covers the entire interior with some hints of carbon fiber. Off course, the GTA and GTAm are super exclusive with only 500 to be made. No price has been announced but the competitor is obviously the Jaguar project 8, and that thing goes for $187,500. It is therefore safe to say that the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA will be in the $150,000+ range.

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