Lamborghini Huracán EVO – A less extreme Performante

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When normal car manufacturers does a facelift, changes to the car are often minute and can mostly only be seen on the exterior. But the Italians like to go one step further and named the new Huracán the Huracán EVO, hinting that this is not an ordinary Huracán. And from the looks of it they might be right.

People say that the changes to the exterior are subtle. I beg to differ. The EVO might not be as bold as the Performante, but it is damn near close. The front facia is now more angular than ever and the rear has been replaced by a huge diffusor together with a relocated exhaust. The rear spoiler is now suspended which, together with improvements to the underside and the side intakes, further shows Lamborghinis knowledge in aerodynamics.

The interior has undergone less of a change. The most noticeable is a big, Iphone like, screen at the center of the stack. It will be able to control most of your entertainment needs. Other than that the changes will be hard to notice.

Chassis has been tweaked and the engine from the Performante has trickled down to the EVO. That means a naturally aspirated, high revving engine with 631 horsepower, which will slung the car to 60 in 2.9 seconds.  Lamborghini claims the EVO will be class leading in its segment.

The new Huracán EVO seems to be more than just facelifted. And for around 230,000 euros plus taxes, it can be yours.

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