The new Supra – The worst kept secret is finally official

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The new Supra is here and Toyota is pushing the Supra’s legacy hard, but will it live up to the holy grail of tuner cars, the mkiv? Because it is not exactly a Toyota. The mk5 is a collaboration between Toyota and BMW. Think what the GT86 was between Toyota and Subaru and scale it up a bit, because the new car looks a lot like a bigger GT86. In reality it is a BMW Z4 with a different body. The final car is not quite what we was expecting after the concept, but we are not disappointed compared to a lot of die hard fans.  Let us find out what BMW and Toyota has come up with.

First of all. Yes, it has got a turbocharged inline six. That’s good for 335 horsepower and 365 lb – ft of torque with a zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds. Not crazy numbers, but we get the feeling that this engine will be a very potent one. It is after all an inline six from BMW. Compared to the BMW Z4 which it is developed from, which has 382 horsepower, it seems that the Toyota got the short end of the stick.

The car has been designed by the same guy that designed the Toyota GT86 and the philosophy goes like this. Handling and feeling. The GT86 seemed like it was a tad bit down on power where the new Supra is clearly a grown up big brother, in almost all departments.

The interior is however, BMW.  That means quality.  And with an extremely simplistic design, the focus towards the driver is clear, just like the mkiv.

The price will be around 50,000 euros and if you go for the premium model, you will get a bigger audio system, a head up display and heated leather seats. The price seems a bit steep for a car of this caliber.   

Love it or hate it. Tuners will eventually get their hands on it and modify it to infinity. Others will enjoy it as it is, but being a collaboration between BMW and Toyota, the new Supra got one of the best starts possible.   

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