Kia EV6 – Completely new design philosophy and a massive step forward for KIA

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The EV6 marks another new chapter in KIA´s history books. Looking nothing like any KIA before it, the EV6 shows KIA´s new design philosophy.

Built on a completely new electric car platform, the EV6 looks somewhere in between a crossover and a regular sedan, albeit with a design that could only be acceptable with an electric car. It isn´t a bad thing. It has been designed by three different design centers. Have they collaborated, or is the EV6 just a combination of individual thoughts that mash into something incohesive?

As is usual with electric platforms, it helps to open up the cabin. The steering wheel looks like some has mounted a plastic cover over the airbag. Doesn’t look good. However, it is nice to see practical buttons to control the temperature. No mumbo jumbo hard to use integration into the infotainment system. The screen is not as big as some competitor´s, but bigger is not always better. What I am curious about is how well KIA has implemented the use of haptic feedback controls. Getting more and more popular, but there have been some failures from other companies.

All details will be revealed in the end of March, including when you will be able to buy it.

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