McLaren 765 LT – Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger

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LT is synonymous with ultra-focused McLarens, as if a McLaren is not fast enough. However, for the few humans that have the need and the money, the 765 LT is here to take your breath away.

As the name suggests the car has 765 hp, 800 Nm of torque and is based on the 720S. An already freakishly quick automobile. The power takes the 765LT from 0-100 km/h in 2.7 seconds. Further improvements have been made to the gearbox which is 7 speed. It now shifts 15 per cent faster than the 720S. The weight has also been reduced by 80 kg, which gives the car a dry weight of 1229 kg.

Most noticeable is the aero. Looking like it would fit right in any race series. The name LT stands for long tail and in the 765LT, the reason being a rather long rear spoiler. Altogether, the downforce is 25 greater than the 720S. At the rear, four exhaust tips can be seen, where the entire exhaust system is made from titanium. The car sits 5 mm lower and the front track is 6 mm wider. The springs are lighter to reduce unspring mass.

As mentioned before, McLaren has lightened the car with a few kilos. That is thanks to the removal of air conditioning, carpeting, audio system and lightweight seats developed from the Senna. The 765LT is all about driving. It might seem difficult to understand how different the 765LT is compared to the 720S, but by reading the press release from McLaren, it is clear that the 765LT is all about very precise optimization. It will be a whole different beast all together and will surely challenge the P1 regarding outright performance.

The name 765 has one more meaning, and that is how many there will be produced. The car is set to be delivered to clients in October and the price should be around 350 000 euro.

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