Jaguar I-Pace 320 S – A more approachable electric car from Jaguar

With the launch of the jaguar I-Pace, the questions were many. How will an electric car from Jaguar look like, and can it compete with the top tier Tesla? 2 years later, and the I-Pace has proven itself to be a model worthy of staying in Jaguars lineup, but with a starting price of 90 k euros, it seems that even Jaguar has realized the need for an entry-model I-Pace.

It is called the 320 S, and will only be available to a few countries, where Sweden is one of the lucky few. As the name suggest, 320 hp, enough to get it from 0-100 km/h in 6,4 s. Who needs 400 hp anyways? The battery is the same as before which according to the new, stricter WLTP driving cycle, gives the 320 S a range of 470 km.

With the model year 21 there has been some updates. Inside, you will find a new infotainment system shown on a massive 12,3 inch screen. Ionization to filter ultrafine particles. An optional 3D surround camera system and ClearSight will allow for greater visibility. The ClearSight system, which is similar to the one in the new Defender, uses a camera mounted in the antenna. It then uses the rear-view mirror as a screen to show what’s behind. Might seem redundant, since it is what the mirror does in the first place. But with the use of a camera, you get a wider angle, and don’t need to worry if you have an inflatable animal in the trunk blocking your view. This is becoming more and more popular and will surely become a standard in almost every car in the future.   

With a wall mounted charger at home, and with the possibility to have three phase electricity it is possible to charge 53 km/hour, giving a full “tank” in 8,6 hours. Doing some math, the 320 S has a battery size of 94,6 kWh. With a fast charger, the maximum speed is 100 kW, which equates to a fully charged battery in just under an hour. Most public charging places have a maximum output of 50 kW, which gives a fully charged battery in 1 hour, 54 minutes. This is, off course, in optimal temperatures, and does not take into consideration that charging slows down when the battery starts to get full.

Price starts from 80 k euros. So speccing out with the new 3D cameras, ClearSight, new Bright pack and 19 inch rims, would make it close to 90 k. However, I think that Jaguar has done something correctly with giving us the possibility to choose an engine that fits our needs. 

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