2020 Seat Leon – Huge design refresh, estate and plug-in hybrid

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  • Leon-FR-Desire-Red-5D_10_HQ
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  • Leon-Sportstourer-FR-Magnetic-Tech_36_HQ
  • Leon-Xcellence-Mistery-Blue-5D_23_HQ

There is much to be excited for the new Leon. Sharing the same base as the new mk8 Golf, but with a Spanish flare, the new Leon is certainly a lot sleeker, especially as an estate, or Sportstourer as Seat calls it. Just look at that rear.

The key is apparently efficiency, and the car will be available with petrol, diesel, gas, mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid power plants.  

Go for the petrol options and you have 115 or 150 hp to choose from, either as a manual or with a DSG (automatic). The gas engine will have 130 hp, and can be fueled with petrol if needed.

The petrol options have a bit more of a range. The base versions will have a 1.0 L three cylinder engine with 90 or 110 hp. It is not impossible that it is the same engine as in the Scala since it is VAG who owns both companies, but that fact is a bit unsure. If more power is what you need, there will be a 1.5 L engine available with 130 or 150 hp. The range topping version is a 2.0 L engine with 190 hp, which is only available with the DSG transmission. No mentioning of a Cupra, more than that it will come as a hybrid.

Mild hybrids is available in the 1.0 110 hp and the 1.5 150 hp engines. These will unfortunately only be available as automatics. The plug-in hybrid is powered by a 1.4 L 204 hp engine with a pure electric range of 60 km, which should be enough to get you to work.

The interior is also very different compared to the new Golf, and it is maybe here it shows why the cheaper of the two. It looks well thought out, but the lack of color is very noticeable. You still get the digital gauge cluster, which is nice. It actually feels that a digital gauge cluster has become the new standard in 2020.

Of course, there is the usual lane assist with the ability to overtake, collision warning, Predictive adaptive cruise control, dynamic chassis control, which might be more for the sportier characteristics, and so on.

Prices have not been revealed yet, but the car will be available for the public in the latter part of 2020.

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