Honda HR-V – Simple, plain and great

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To review a crossover is comparable to review a glass of cold water. It certainly quenches your thirst, but in every other way it is tasteless and unfulfilling. Journalists have hated them for as long as they have existed, but for what reason, and if they are so bad. Why are the manufacturers not getting rid of their crossovers? Well I am going to find out with the updated Honda HR-V.

Even though the car was debuted in 1999, the latest model is only the second generation, and it is easy to see where the inspiration has come from. Every Honda has more or less the same front, which is a good thing. The sportiness shines through all the plastic while still being modest. The rear however, is unfulfilling and very outdated.

Inside there are better news. It is spacious, and even though the HR-V is technically quite a small car, you can without effort fit 5 people, though this comes as a price. The boot space is tiny, well you can fit a couple of bags, but if you want to drive to the Alps. Maybe this car is not for you.

One thing that this car excels compared to some of its rivals is that the car feels fun to drive. Well fun might be too extreme, but for what the car is, it is peppy and nimble around the corners and the engine with its low down torque makes the HR-V quite enjoyable to drive.

On Honest car Reviews newly started YouTube channel, or by cklicking the video below, you can see the review of the Honda CR-V!

The HR-V is simple, plain and honest. You get a great car for your money. However, if you get the executive model and some extra options, you are not allowed to buy a car again. Just get a tastefully optioned CR-V for the same price. The HR-V and CR-V are actually so closely priced, that there is sometimes difficult to justify the price of the HR-V. And it is not just me telling you this, the numbers sold are also in favor for the bigger brother.

One thing that I miss is some sort of hybrid or alternative fuel. Even though the 1.3 L engine is very kind to the planet with an impressively low C02 emission, making the taxes on the HR-V some of the lowest I have seen, it doesn’t really have any special talking point, and that is the thing. When Honda decides to make a car for a certain purpose. They go at it, and the HR-V is a perfect example of that.

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