Koenigsegg is making a new car – Goes electric with NEVS

Hold your horses. For all you gearheads and petrolheads. It will still have a petrol engine, meaning some sort of hybrid system.

When a Chinese bought a majority share in the Swedish car manufacturer NEVS (with a check of 8 billion SEK), people started talking. Because when NEVS bought twenty percent of Koenigseggs Automotive, something was clearly up.  A partnership is starting to brew and so is the possibility of production of a new model. A “C02 neutral” car according to Christion von Koenigsegg.

With technology such as free valve technology, which will make it possible to run the car on 100 percent alcohol, the car is supposed to be able to run without no fossile fuels. That is groundbreaking technology.   

As the waiting lists for Koenigseggs other cars are piling up. The company is looking into new territory with the new car. It will not be a hypercar, but more of an extreme supercar that is very exclusive. Doing this they are hoping to increase production to hundreds of cars every year. And as Koenigsegg is starting to hire loads of new talent. The goal is clearly set.

The new car won’t be cheap with a price tag of around 10 million SEK. Hybrid, around 10 million. That sounds like the holy trinity. The Ferrari Laferrari, Porsche 918 and Mclaren P1. It seems that Koenigsegg has some work cut out for them.

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