McLaren Artura – McLarens big move towards electrification

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The Artura is McLaren´s Hail Mary. Starting with a clean sheet and an obvious push towards electrification, the people that brought the game changing MP4-12C were once again under the pressure to deliver something spectacular, and they might have just done that.

A completely new monocoque with several different types of carbon fiber tips the scales at just 82 kg. The complete car weights just under 1500 kg with all its fluids.

The Artura is obviously a McLaren, but deviates in its design with the rather similarly designed model lineup, apart from the Senna off course. It is small, much like the 570s, has huge air intakes and vents, and the result is an aggressive face, and a slim rear.

Below are some important powertrain specs:

  • Full-hybrid
  • Completely new 3.0 L V6
    • Continuously variable valve timing
    • Turbos mounted in the center of the engine
    • 8 500 rpm redline
    • 585 hp
  • All-new eight-speed gearbox
  • Electric motor
    • 92 hp
    • Battery contains 7.4 kWh
    • 30 km of pure EV range
  • 0-100 km/h in 3 s
  • E-Diff
    • Electrically controlled clutch pack
    • McLaren´s first
    • Controls amount of slip angle during a drift and can be changed from the cockpit
  • Electro-hydraulic power steering
    • Immediacy on center feel and detailed feedback
  • New five-link rear suspension
    • Reduces unsprung weight by 2.4 kg on each side
    • Improved stability, grip levels and wheel control
  • Proactive dampers
    • Accelerometers to read the road
    • Adjusts spring rates according to conditions
  • Pirelli p Zero Corsa with electronic chip inside
    • Monitors air pressure, temperature, wear and talks with the stability control system
  • Completely redesigned interior
    • Reduce noise, vibration and harshness
    • Clubsport seat
  • Offered in Standard, performance, techlux and vision
  • From 213 660 Euro

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