Audi e-tron GT – Making going electric sexy

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  • Audi RS e-tron GT
    Static photo, Colour: Daytona grey
  • Audi e-tron GT quattro / Audi RS e-tron GT
    Audi e-tron GT quattro, Static photo, Colour: Kemora grey metallic Audi RS e-tron GT, Static photo, Colour: Daytona grey

“What a ridiculous title”. Well yes, but I stand by it. Audi has done what few car manufacturers have succeeded at. Making a “normal” electric car look drop dead gorgeous.

How to tackle the question: What electric car should we make? Take the old ICE out, put the electric engine in, and risk making an underwhelming power plant? Make an all new model and risk making a complete flop with billions down the drain? Audi went whole heartedly with the second option with the new e-tron GT, and I believe it paid off.

The design alone is worth mentioning. It has huge wheels, but the wide arches and the GT shape makes it all work. They even managed to make something of the front air intakes! Although, the logic of a four door coupe still makes my brain melt.  

It comes in two versions. GT and RS e-tron GT. Facts and numbers are as follows.

E-tron GT:

  • Front electric motor – 238 hp
  • Rear electric motor – 435 hp
  • Total power – 476 hp and 630 Nm (530 hp and 640 Nm in boost)
  • 0-100 km/h – 4,1 seconds
  • Battery capacity – 85 kWh
  • Charging capacity – 11kW with up to 270 kW
  • Range – 487 km

RS e-tron GT:

  • Front electric motor – 238 hp
  • Rear electric motor – 456 hp
  • Total power – 598 hp and 830 Nm (646 hp in boost)
  • 0-100 km/h – 3,3 seconds
  • Battery capacity – 85 kWh
  • Charging capacity – 11kW with up to 270 kW
  • Range – 472 km

Because of the two engine setup, the e-tron GT is four wheel drive. However, the power is sent to the rear via a 2 speed gearbox. 1st gear is specifically for acceleration and second for all other driving. The regenerative braking is so effective and usable, that it is used for most of the usual braking.

The strangest option is the e-tron sport sound. Yes, you have to pay for your speakers to make a more sporty sound. Personally, I would upgrade to the Mario theme.

There are optional wolfram carbide brakes with 10 piston calipers, which comes as standard with the RS model. Off course, there is always the carbon ceramic option of you need that stopping power.

Starting price for the GT is 115 thousand euro, and the RS-GT is 156 thousand euro. Similar to the new rear-wheel drive Porsche Taycan.

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