Golf GTI Clubsport – More of everything

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The most hardcore GTI can also be found in the new Golf. As usual, more horsepower, some exterior details, tweaks to the chassis and upgraded mechanics are on the menu.

A further developed four pot, called evo4, delivers 300 hp and 400 Nm. 55 hp more than the standard GTI. The engine is mated with a DSG gearbox. Unfortunately, no manual will be available.

As should be with a GTI car, power goes through the front wheels. An electromechanical diff helps to keep the front end planted. Rather standard stuff, but Volkswagen talks about creating a network. The dynamic mode selector is now also connected with the front diff, creating a much more noticeable change depending on which mode you are in. I have never thought about that, but being able to fully control the diff and how aggressive it is, is the next step in making a car that can do everything. To complement this network, the engineers at VW have created a special mode that is set up specifically for the Nurburgring. Rather pointless if you are not driving on it, but a cool gimmick nonetheless.

By adding new front and rear spoilers, the downforce has been increased. Interestingly, the tires are only 225 mm wide. The brakes have been upgraded to 18”. What the “ is as a unit I have no idea, but it can´t be inches, since the car comes with 18 inch rims as standard. Making the brakes in aluminium has reduced the unsprung weight by a total 1200 gram. A bigger brake master cylinder gives a short and fast response from the brake pedal.

It is easy to look into all the main components that have been changed. Unique suspension geometry with MacPhearson suspension in the front and a four link rear axle. However, a lot that makes a Clubsport is all the fine tuning that the team at Volskwagen has done. More camber in the front to increase agility without being to twitchy, utilize all of the computational power in the car to get the exact desired behavior from all of the individual parts. Since everything is computerized, it has in some ways gone away from old school turning bolts and such, being replaced by more computer hackery. This gives an unmatched level of control of how the car behaves, but if done wrong, the results are a completely undrivable car. From the press release, it seems that Volkswagen is proud of what they have achieved and I can’t wait to pitch it against the top of front wheel driven hot hatches.

Price for the regular GTI starts from 34 000 euro, and can be order as from now. The Clubsport will be available to order in the end of 2020, and delivered at the start of next year. Price will probably be north of 40 000 euro.

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