Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 – Track only monster from Italy

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Looking back, Lamborghini created the Sesto Elemento. Based on a Gallardo, but that’s where the similarities ended. A study in what can be done with carbon fiber and what the engineers and designers at Lamborghini were capable of. The Essenza SCV12 is Squadra Corse´s latest creation in the line of track only machines, and it is one hell of a machine.

As the SCV12 isn´t built for the road, it is possible to have a completely different approach when building it. The heart of it all, the engine, is a naturally aspirated v12 with over 830 hp by using the so called RAM effect and a Capristo exhaust to reduce back pressure. There must have been other modifications but these are the ones that Lamborghini has disclosed. Lamborghini clams thatthe Essenza SCV12 represents the purest track driving experience and just by glancing at it, that might very well be true. With aerodynamic features creating more downforce than a GT3 race car and built in accordance with FIA safety rules, you basically have a race car, but rarer.

The engine is mated with an Xtrac sequential transmission. The transmission has been made a structural element in the newly developed carbon fiber monoqocue chassis. Further, the pushrod rear suspension has been mounted directly to the gearbox. The result is a weight of 1400 kg, which does seem rather heavy for a purpose built, rear wheel drive, track weapon.

Specific Pirelli tires are wrapped around lightweight magnesium rims, and Brembo is responsible for the brakes. Logically, in many ways, function goes over form. However, the car has been designed by Centro Stile, which designs all of Lamborghinis’ racing cars. This means that the car has been separated into three areas for quick access during pit stops, but the famous hexagonal design language floats throughout. For example, the dashboard and instrument panel is made up by a simple Y, which not only holds true to Lamborghinis design language, but is also a very effective way to design something that is very strong. Instead of colors to choose from, there are special liveries with household names such as Pirelli, Roger Dubuis and Pertamina. The experience is finalized with a steering wheel that has been inspired by F1. In plain English, extremely cool, but not a pure F1 steering wheel.

As only 40 cars will be produced and you basically have to be a VIP customer, it is not only the price that makes this car difficult to attain. However, for the few that will, it will be a car that is up there with the likes of the Ferrari FXX-K, and that is saying something.  

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