Bugatti smashed the 300 mph barrier – The Bugatti Chiron “super sport” is upon us

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The most talked story of the week. Many people believed that the tiny car manufacturer from the north, Koeniggsegg, would be the ones that would break 300 mph, but that was not the case. With a blistering 304,773 mph, a modified Chiron set the pace, and the gauntlet is thrown. However, Bugatti will now no more focus on top speed runs and smashing records.

It is believed that the special Chiron will be the Super Sport version. Thus the same as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Designed for going fast, the tires were the biggest challenge. With specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, the speed limit could be increased from the originally limited top speed of 260 mph. The body has been changed by the racing company Dallara in order to help the massive Chiron slip through the air. The power has been boosted from 1500 to 1600 hp and a longer final gear has been changed to achieve the 300+ mph top speed.

There is no question that Bugatti can produce fast cars, and I am sure that when the car will be available for the public, it will be sold out in a matter of days. The question is if Koeniggsegg can beat, or match it with the new Jesko, but depending on if Bugatti makes the car available as a special package or a new, faster model, the top speed record for a serial produced car might not have been broken yet.

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