Nissan GT-R Nismo 2020 – The fastest and most advanced GT-R will be yours for 188 thousand euros

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The people over at Nissan are crazy. While the public are waiting for the replacing GT-R, Nissan is producing even more special editions of the GT-R and the Nismo 2020 is the latest and greatest of them. What is new, what is worth to now? Well, sit down and enjoy the read because I am going to tell you all about the new Nissan GT-R Nismo.

The famous race car technology trickling down to road car is very true here. Nissan competes regularly in the GT3 series and has implemented some of that tach into the Nismo. For example, the turbochargers are taken straight from the GT3 car and there have been numerous aero tweaks. You now have vents over the front wheel archers to help with aerodynamic flow, but also to help cool the brakes. Other aero tweaks such are carbon fiber side skirts, bonnet and roof.

The Nismo is also the first GT-R to get carbon ceramic brakes. A major aspect that the old GT-R was lacking and also criticized about. One interesting detail is that the reason that the brake calipers are yellow is because that is the only color that doesn’t melt at higher temperatures.

The dampers are also improved together with a more extreme tire to increase grip and decrease lap times. The transmission, the Achilles heel of the GT-R, has also been altered and the entire computer that handles the shifts has been revamped.

The power is still the same though with 592bhp and 652Nm of torque. The big question is if it is worth the astonishing 188 thousand euros. You are getting into proper mental performance cars for those kind of money and I hope that Nissan has done enough to continue the GT-Rs ability to hang with the new boys. The GT-R is 13 years old now. Is it time to give the public a new GT-R?   

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